This page reflects current partnerships between schools in the project inclucing Some of the partnerships were formed through the ROK UNESCO Project. The Republic of Korea (ROK) – VICTORIA (AUS) Teacher Exchange Program aims:

  • To foster teachers’ professional development through sharing of good practices of teaching, curriculum and school activities
  • To enhance teachers’ cross-cultural communication skills and promote education for international understanding
  • To promote mutual understanding between the two countries
  • To build the foundation for school-to-school partnership for future collaborationRegarding Korea:  Government School Principals and teachers change schools every 4 years and this may impact on the ongoing nature of partnerships. Independant schools do not change staff every four years. Most Korean schools may  see this as an English Class but at times it might be considered an extra-curricula program.
  • BY COUNTRIES:  Currently paired schools(some being reviewed and updated currently) that have received support / training from the Global LYNC project since 2014
  • This page will be updated regularly as we establish a review partnerships. 
Republic of Korea School Australian School
Dunjeon Elementary School

Kim, Young Mi

Mordialloc Beach Primary School

Jane Minogue

Yulgeum Primary School


Yuille Park Prep-8 Community College Eunjeong Jang Genna Petrie

Onsaemi School (Alternative Non-Gov.) Yongju

Yuille Park Prep-8 Community College

Genna Petrie

Hakha Elementary School

Ji Hye Anh

Boronia Heights Primary Denise Harris
Choup Elementary School Young Kim

Boronia West Primary School

Leigh Johnson

Sung Duk Middle School WanSik Wellington Secondary College Phil Brown
Yonchon Elementary School

Hong Jeongeun (Rachel)

Diamond Creek Primary School
Sejong Global High School Young Sun (Anna) Benalla College Edward Williams

Seonggwang Middle School Boy’s Christian School

Gichul Kwon

St Patrick’s College

Nicholas Joosten

DAEGU South Korea /SWVR Victoria MOU PILOT SCHOOLS (Annexed Pilot commenced working together August 2015)

Saeron Elementary School Kim GukHyun Chelsea Primary School Sarah Park
Daegu Gamcheon Elementary School Hwang Jeong-Suk Laver’s Hill P12 Tony Grayden
Daegu Jisan Elementary School Hwang Jung-Hee Arnold’s Creek Primary School Francis Pawlowicz Grade 3&4 (once a month) Ashley Flower
Daegu Hyodong Elementary School Lee Na-Ra Mildura South Primary School Melissa Monaghan Steven Taylor
Daegu Sindang Elementary School Jang So-young Highton Primary School Carly Stafford Corey Tidd (main contact) Luke Muller, Lisa Pecchiari, Tania Kiddle
 Yulgeum Elementary School  Yuille Park PS


Chinese Schools


Victorian Schools
Yuxiang Primary School Beijing Cindy (private email) Canadian Lead Primary School Heather Lin
Chinese school with Chinese Museum pilot project – to be announced Balwyn Primary School Sue Price (ICT teacher)
 Caledonian Primary School


Wait list -schools seeking partners:

Moungjin Middle School Would like a partner for English links debating etc. Belmont HS visited last year. Teacher is Soo (Sue) Technician is : Korea  Hazel Glen College McGough 5/6 Teacher – 500 kids now – (2500 students in 5 years time and experience with other sister schools in Asia becoming P-7 next year then roll out – start next year)
 Distance Education Centre – Victoria Mark Kent (Participation under discusssion with their team)  Susung High School ViviChoi, Mineun  (Were linked to Ballarat SC)


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